Antique Jewelry Appraisers: Finding One Near Me

Looking for antique jewelry appraisers? Perhaps you’ve been inspired by watching Antiques Roadshow on public television. Or maybe You have pieces of jewelry that have been sitting in your home. Maybe you need to know if an heirloom is actually costume jewelry or the real thing.

No matter the reason, Serengeti West can help you in your quest to evaluate your fine jewelry.

Diamond ring, engagement ring, or watch appraisal are all very specific arts. It’s vital that your jeweler is skilled in these arts. If not, they should recommend someone with additional experience.

Where Can I Find an Appraiser?

You may look far and wide to find the right gemologist. San Francisco to New York City, you don’t have to travel the ends of the earth to meet your needs. Expertise rests in San Luis Obispo at Serengeti West Fine Jewelers.

Our staff includes a GIA Gemologist with over 20 years of experience in the jewelry industry. In that time, she has amassed a knowledge of diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals that is second to none.

Antique and Vintage Jewelry

When dealing with aged treasures, it’s important to know a few facts. First, vintage jewelry is classified as anything that is over 20 years old. Next, antique jewelry is known as anything that is over 100 years old. Because of distinct jewelry styles, it’s usually easy to estimate an age of a piece.

Sometimes reproductions look very similar to their older counterparts. For this reason, it’s vital to speak with an expert. For instance, certain materials were not available in the Georgian period. It is very common for pieces of that period to be made from sterling or yellow gold. Likewise, white gold was not invented until the Art Deco period. These details are vital in dating a piece.


Grey Diamond Engagement Ring

Beautiful Engagement Rings under $2,500

Shop Our Collection of Engagement Rings under $2,500

In these times of mortgages, student loan payments, and rising costs of planning a wedding, spending three months’ salary on an engagement ring may not be practical for everyone. Lucky for us, anything goes in engagement rings these days, meaning two things for you when you’re ready to pop the question: your options are nearly limitless, and creativity can help you get the most bang for your buck. Follow along as Serengeti West helps you check out stunning rings under $2,500.

Natural Colored Diamond Rings

Rose cut rustic grey diamond engagement rings

Rose cut rustic grey diamond engagement ring

Natural colored diamonds are a great option for couples who are a little less mainstream, but still want the lasting symbolism of a diamond. Rustic grey diamonds have a gorgeous body color that wears well in gold, and looks great with nearly any wardrobe. In this instance, we’ve set a 1.07 carat rose cut diamond in 18 karat yellow gold with a slight hammered finish. This beauty is a statement all its own.

More is Less

Natural Brown colored diamonds rose cut engagement rings

Natural bourbon colored diamonds. Photo courtesy of Jeffrey San Juan

Focusing on a few stones (as opposed to centralizing all of the carat weight in one stone) can help keep costs down. Our bourbon colored five-diamond ring boasts a whopping 1.73ctw of rose cut diamonds. Each diamond is bezel-set in 14 karat gold, giving each stone its own place to sparkle.

Halo Engagement Rings

White Gold Engagement Rings San Luis Obispo

.33 carat round brilliant halo engagement ring

Find yourself more of a traditionalist? Not to worry, there’s a lot that will appeal to classic styles. Halo-style engagement rings are incredibly popular, because they add a little extra sparkle to any solitaire. Take our .33 carat round brilliant cut diamond, enveloped by .22 carat total weight diamond halo; priced at just under $2,000 it gives tremendous sparkle without breaking the bank.

Estate Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings Under $2,500

Edwardian engagement ring

Estate jewelry can be a beautiful value. Maybe you’re ready to have an heirloom piece cleaned up and sized for the next generation. Or, perhaps you would prefer to purchase an estate piece to start new traditions. Whatever your motivation, we’ve got just what you need. Our 18 karat white gold Belle Epoque engagement ring features delicate filigree details and a .31 carat diamond in the center. This beauty would have nearly anyone saying “yes”.

Ready to pop the question? Stop by and talk with some of our staff and let us help you navigate the path to your own “I do”.