Shop for your Morganite Engagement Ring

Dream of a morganite engagement ring? Prefer the peach-colored tones of this gemstone to a diamond ring? You’re in luck! Serengeti West Fine Jewelers is pleased to offer a collection of morganite rings .

Morganite gemstones are part of the beryl family. That is to say, they are similar in composition to aquamarine and emerald. Accordingly, they range from 7.5-8.0 on the Mohs scale. The stone ranges in color from pink to an orange pink.

J.P. Morgan’s Impact on Gemology

Morganite was first discovered on the island of Madagascar in 1911. The new gemstone was named morganite at the urging of Tiffany Vice President George Kunz. Indeed, it was a way to honor banker J.P. Morgan. Morgan was a supporter of the American Museum of Natural History (and a Tiffany customer).

In his lifetime, Morgan made many donations of gems and minerals to the AMNH. One of his largest donations was a 16,000 piece mineral collection. Today, some of the most prized examples of Madagascar Morganite can be found in the AMNH, a testament to Morgan’s legacy.

While Morganite was originally found in Madagascar, much of the world’s supply is now mined in Brazil. The original African specimens displayed a unique magenta color. Meanwhile, Brazilian specimens are typically a peach-orange color.

Morganite Jewelry is growing in popularity. Because of the unique peach-pink color, many brides are choosing it for their engagement ring. It looks stunning in 14k rose gold, but the color is even stellar in white gold.

Serengeti West carries a selection of morganite jewelry, however we also offer custom design. That is to say, we are able to create specific designs tailored to your preferences. Please note, the custom design process may take additional lead time.