Rose de France Amethyst

What is Rose de France Amethyst?

A Rose de France amethyst is a variety of amethyst that displays a light lilac color. Mined solely in southern Brazil, it was first known as Brazilian amethyst. Later, it became widely popular throughout Europe, resulting in the name “Rose de France”.

Traditional, deep purple amethyst derives its color from iron. However, the particular shade of this gemstone is due to the presence of titanium oxide. To be classified as an RDF amethyst, it must score a four on GIA’s tone scale.

The most prized examples of this gemstone occur naturally. That is to say; they haven’t been heat-treated. However, heat treatment is nearly impossible to detect. Be sure to ask a gemologist for more information on heat treatment.

We think this variety of amethyst is an ideal gift. Imagine having a February birthday; you may already own plenty of deep purple amethyst. However, this color could transform your birthstone collection.

We’re happy to create custom gemstone jewelry. If you’d like to see this amethyst in rose gold, yellow gold, or even platinum, please visit us at 951 Monterey Street, San Luis Obispo. We can’t wait to help you create the jewelry wardrobe you’ve dreamed of!