Shop Salt and Pepper Engagement Rings

Today more than ever, couples are shopping for engagement rings outside the ordinary. Some opt for custom designs. Others might choose from a collection of estate jewelry. Then there are those who prefer the unexpected. For those couples, we suggest taking a look at our salt and pepper engagement rings.

What are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

Salt and pepper diamonds are those that display visible white and black inclusions. Shoppers enjoy them for the character these inclusions offers, rather than seeking flawless diamonds.

The inclusions provide an earthiness and grey sparkle other diamonds may not. Some of these stones will have a speckled look, while others have a smooth body color. Each diamond will be different, so take your time when choosing yours.

How Much Do They Cost?

Salt and pepper diamonds can be very affordable. They are not intended to compete with traditional diamonds in terms of their color or clarity. Unlike typical diamonds, these stones do not undergo independent grading from an outside laboratory.

Salt and pepper diamonds are not as rare as their traditional counterparts. Because of this, they may be a bit more friendly on your budget. Speak with a gemologist to learn more about the price of loose stones when considering what you will spend.

Are They Valuable?

A diamond is a rare mineral, indeed. While salt and pepper diamonds may not play by the same rules as their standard counterpart, they are still precious. Diamonds are not common, and therefore, these are still very valuable.

Part of the value of a salt and pepper diamond is the fact that it has such a unique character. This stone is appreciated much more for its one-of-a-kind look, rather than for perceived perfection.

In the end, when shopping for a stone, ask yourself “how does it make me feel?” This will ultimately be the true test for salt and pepper or rustic colored diamonds.

How are They Cut?

Salt and pepper diamonds can be very fun. More often than not, you’ll see that they have a “less traditional” cut. Rose cut salt and pepper diamonds are very popular. This cut has anywhere from three to 24 facets and a flat bottom.

Uncommon shapes are also prevalent for rose cut diamonds. You may see bullet shapes, trillions, kites, and more. A gemologist can help you explore your options to find the perfect cut for you.

Do They Still Sparkle?

The short answer: yes! While these diamonds don’t refract light as ideally as their “standard” counterparts, they do glisten. In the proper lighting, your diamond will provide a beautiful, mellow sparkle sure to dazzle.

We recommend visiting our store in person to choose your salt and pepper diamond. Because each is unique, you’ll want to look closely at each stone.

It is difficult to capture the one-of-a-kind qualities of a diamond on camera. When possible, we guide customers to choose a stone in person. Shopping in-person allows you to compare and contrast your options as you make your selection.

Eco-Friendly Diamonds

Salt and pepper diamonds are more eco-friendly than their standard counterparts! They are more common than regular diamonds. Because of this, they take fewer resources to mine, resulting in less ecological impact.

Are They Durable?

In a word: yes. Diamonds score 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This means they resist scratching. Some believe this means they will never break; however, this is not the case.

Pointed shapes that are unprotected can be susceptible to damage. While salt and pepper diamonds are lovely, a diamond with oversized inclusions could be at risk. It’s essential to do your homework before buying.

Additionally, wearing your diamond for certain activities can be a challenge. For instance, weight lifting or rock climbing could potentially cause harm.

We suggest speaking with your gemologist to understand how you can best maintain your ring. Serengeti West believes you should enjoy wearing your jewelry and know how best to care for it over time.

How to Wear a Salt and Pepper Ring

There’s no “right way” to wear salt and pepper engagement rings. In fact, our store is able to custom make a piece to your specification.

Some shoppers would prefer to wear white gold, while others like yellow or rose gold. There is no right choice. Choosing a loose diamond will allow you to perfectly match the color of the stone with the color of the metal.

Furthermore, our custom options allow you to enjoy unique shapes like never before. Stones that wouldn’t fit in traditional mountings can easily be incorporated into a custom design. Moreover, we are able to set stones in east-west orientation, or perhaps even a cardinal mounting when custom designing.

Dream of a salt and pepper wedding band? We can set loose stones in a band designed specifically for your engagement ring. Whether you’re interested in stacking bands or prefer an uncommon silhouette, allow us to help you create your vision.