Alternative engagement rings are growing in popularity. Whether you seek a ring with a gemstone, or perhaps just a unique presentation, we can help. Engagement jewelry doesn’t have to begin and end with a diamond ring.

Gone are the days of the matched bridal sets. No longer are couples expected to go the traditional route. Instead, anything goes in engagement jewelry these days.

Varieties of Alternative Engagement Rings

Salt and pepper diamonds are growing in popularity very quickly. Known for their beautiful white and black marks, they have much character.

Furthermore, these alternative engagement rings are available in a variety of shapes. The multitude of cuts available provides an even bigger opportunity for individuality.

The “salt and pepper” name comes from the white and black inclusions that speckle the stone. These details cause a grey or bluish tone. Unlike the bright sparkle of traditional diamonds, these stones are appreciated for their complex appearance.

Rose cut diamonds are also in high demand. This variety of cut became popular in the 1500s. Today, they range from three to 24 facets. People around the world admire their unique, subtle sparkle.

We also offer morganite engagement rings. Morganite is growing in popularity due to its rosy pink color. This precious stone is an excellent substitute for colored diamonds, which can be much more expensive.

Furthermore, we offer colored sapphires for engagement pieces. Sapphires make an excellent option for daily wear due to their hardness and durability. These gemstones come in virtually every color of the rainbow.

Ice jade is another favorite. Jade is highly durable and able to withstand daily wear. Also, it has a distinct look not often seen with other gems. Be sure to ask about this beautiful, but uncommon, engagement ring option.

Precious Metals

Our collection of jewelry includes a wide selection of metals. Whether you are interested in rose gold, platinum, white gold or yellow gold, you can find it at Serengeti West.

A Ring as Unique as You

Custom engagement rings? They’re our specialty! If you’re looking for a unique ring, we can help. Are you seeking a particular center stone? Want an emerald cut, or another specific cut? Not a problem.

We understand that engagement ring preferences vary from person to person. Because of this, we offer extensive custom jewelry design options. Collect some images of your favorite looks before stopping in; we’ll help guide you through the process.

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