What are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

Salt and pepper diamonds are precious stones known for their character more than their perfection. Unlike traditional diamonds, they are favored for their inclusions. These white and black spots are referred to as salt and pepper.

While cut and carat weight are still taken into account, clarity and color are vastly different. Standard diamonds are appreciated for colorlessness; this is not the case for an alternative stone. Furthermore, these stones aren’t held to typical clarity standards.

Please note: these stones have the same chemical composition as regular diamonds. Furthermore, they are a 10 on the Mohs scale, ensuring ultimate resistance to scratching.

Are They Expensive?

Many people want to know if this variety of diamond is more expensive than a white diamond. The simple answer is no. Because these stones are not judged in quite the same manner, their prices can be a bit more friendly on the budget.

Do they sparkle?

The simple answer is yes, salt and pepper diamonds still sparkle. However, the brilliance is much more subdued and mellow. This sort of stone is ideal for someone who wants a diamond, but isn’t quite as impressed by “bling”.

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